Procurement Policy Office

One of the main and innovative features of the procurement reform process in Mauritius is the establishment of the Procurement Policy Office. The Policy Office has been established pursuant to section 4 of The Public Procurement Act 2006. The main purpose of establishing the Policy Office is to provide a mechanism for conducting oversight and monitoring of the performance and progress of the procurement system in Mauritius, and to guide and promote its continuing development and improvement.


To promote the development of a modern and efficient public procurement system for Mauritius based on international best practices through close monitoring, regular audits, review, capacity building and research


A world class procurement system for Republic of Mauritius


  • • Maximise economy and efficiency in public procurement and obtain best value for public expenditures
  • • Contribute to the economic development of Mauritius through an efficient public procurement system and capacity building
  • • Promote competition and foster participation in public procurement proceedings
  • • Provide equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment to all suppliers and bidders
  • • Promote integrity, fairness, accountability and public confidence in the public procurement process
  • • Ensure transparency in the procedures, process and decisions relating to public procurement




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