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Procurement Policy Office under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development


27/17 ​Monesh Enterprises Ltd ​Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
26/17 ​Norba Nettoyage Ltee ​The District Council of Pamplemousses
25/17 ​Atics Ltd ​The District Council of Pamplemousses
24/17​ I.M. Bawamia & Co. Ltd Central Electricity Board
23/17​ ARTELIA Eau & Environnement(France)/GIBB (Mauritius)Ltd Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities
22/17​ B. Hurreeram & Son Co Ltd Ministry of Public Infrastructure & Land Transport
21/17 ​Clima Waterproofing Co. Ltd ​Agricultural Marketing Board
20(A)/17 Safety Construction Co. Ltd Wastewater Management Authority
20/17 ​Safety Construction Co. Ltd ​Wastewater Management Authority
19/17 ​Maxi Clean Co. Ltd ​The District Council of Pamplemousses
18/17 ​Rapid Security Services Ltd ​Ministry of Youth and Sports
17/17 ​Data Communication Ltd ​Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation
16/17 ​Canakiah Associates Co. Ltd ​Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
​Gibb (Mauritius) Ltd ​Central Water Authority
14/17 ​Canakiah Associates Ltd ​National Assembly
13/17 ​Aquaflo Ltd ​Central water Authority
12/17 ​BRBR Construction Ltd ​Commission for Youth & Sports, Library Services, Achieves, Museum ,Arts & culture and Historical sites and buildings Rodrigues Regional Assembly)
11/17 ​Super Construction Co Ltd ​National Housing Developemnt Company Limited



​Canakiah Associates Co. Ltd National Assembly
09/17 ​Scomat Ltée ​Mauritius Cane Industry Authority
08/17 ​Rapid Security Services ​The City Council of Port-Louis
07/17 ​Sotravic Ltee ​Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment Sustainable Development (Environment and Sustainable Development Division)
06/17 Keep Clean Ltd ​University of Technology, Mauritius
05/17 Mega Design Ltd ​National Housing Development Company Ltd
04/17 ​Atics Ltd ​The District Council of Pamplemousses
03/17 ​Medical Gases JV ​Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
02/17 ​Proximed Ltd ​Ministry of Agro-Industry and food Security
01/17 Leal Communications & Informatics Ltd Mahatma Gandhi Institute


* decisions are yet to be finalized by the IRP