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Procurement Policy Office under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development


The following FAQs are aimed at enhancing knowledge in public procurement and guiding stakeholders in effective decision making. 

The FAQs result from a collaborative exercise with stakeholders who are invited to submit their feedback and/or additional questions by e-mail to the Procurement Policy Office (PPO) at: 

These will be considered, and where appropriate answers will be released progressively. 

For specific legal provisions of the Public Procurement Act 2006, visit 
PPA with Links.
Bidding Document

Deadline for the Submission of Bids

1. Can the closing date for a bid be extended if requested by only one bidder?

Based on the merit of the case and if so warranted, the public body may extend the bid closing date to enhance competition.

2. Can the closing date for a bid be postponed/extended until further notice?

No. A new closing date and time has to be indicated in all cases of postponement/ extensions.

Application of the Act

1. Which types of procurement are exempted from the application of the Act?

Exempted procurement encompass procurement activities related to the following: 

i) To protect national security or defence; 
ii) Pursuant to an agreement between Mauritius and a foreign State to benefit from the expertise and development experience of that foreign State in a particular field, commonly known as G2G procurement; 
iii) For an information and communication technology project which requires interfacing with different existing systems and potential risk to the confidentiality of sensitive information that the project be executed by an entity which has initially developed the system or which previously developed a similar system; 
iv) By public bodies for contracts specified in Second Schedule to the Act 

   • By a diplomatic mission of Mauritius abroad 
   • By a public body in respect of rental of office space 
   • Training services 
   • Vessels including maintenance and periodic overhauls in a dry dock; 

The above are subject to regulation/guidance issued by PPO.

v) Where application of the procurement rule of the Donor organisation is mandatory and is in conflict with PPA, the rules of the donor organisation would prevail; and 
vi) Specified types of contracts by public bodies as listed Schedule I of Public Procurement Regulation 2008. 

The exempted public body shall establish its own procurement rules requiring transparency and value for money test in relation to the exempt contracts

Bid Validity

1. Can a public body request a bidder for extension of bid validity where the bid validity period has already lapsed?

No. Extension of bid validity where required should always be sought from the bidders prior to the expiry of the bid validity date.

2. Should the public body request for an extension of bid validity period from bidders who have not passed the technical evaluation?

Yes, public bodies must request for extension of bid validity period from all bidders irrespective of the stage of evaluation to allow completion of the procurement exercise.

Bidding Process