The Policy Office shall
  1. issue instructions to public bodies concerning the coordination of their actions with the Policy Office, the Board and the Review Panel;

  2. formulate policies relating to procurement, including directives, procedures, instructions, technical notes and manuals, for the implementation of the Act;

  3. issue standard forms of contracts, bidding documents, pre-qualification documents, requests for proposals and other similar documents for mandatory use by every public body implementing procurement;

  4. collect from the Board, the Review Panel and public bodies information on procurement activities and monitor their compliance with this Act;

  5. recommend, and facilitate the implementation of, measures to improve the functioning of the procurement system, including the introduction of information and communications technology and the dissemination of publications and the setting up of websites dedicated to procurement;

  6. prepare and conduct training programmes for public officials, contractors and suppliers concerning procurement;

  7. solicit the views of the business community on the effectiveness of the procurement system;

  8. present an annual report to the Minister regarding the overall functioning of the procurement system;

  9. communicate and cooperate with international institutions and other foreign entities on matters of procurement;

  10. advise on and monitor foreign technical assistance in the field of procurement;

  11. advise the Financial Secretary regarding delegation of financial authority to public officers enabling them to approve contract awards and changes to contracts of a financial nature and the annual review of such delegations; and

  12. perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Financial Secretary.